• Diabetes/Thyroid Specialist
    Dr.Arvind Kumar
    Experience-18 years

  • Dr arvind kumar

    Dr arvind kumar is one the dynamic and highly competent doctor for best treatment of diabetes,thyroid and other hormonal related disorders in gurgaon and dwarka.He is considered as the doctor with most revisiting patients(after first consultation with dr arvind kumar,patients like to have long term follow up with him only) and best diabetologist with independent practice under the age of 40 years.Dr Arvind has received the prestigious “Best Diabetologist in Gurgaon” award by World wide achievers. Dr arvind kumar believe in quality health care for all including the less privileged people.Considering this he is providing free consultation,insulin therapy and glucometer with strips to all type 1 diabetes patients till the age of 21 years for those who cant afford the treatment cost.Dr arvind kumar has a passion for academic and teaching providing knowledge to patients and medical students all over the world.His research papers are published in reputed journals – the most appreciated being study on cost of diabetes and quality of life in patients with diabetes.Dr arvind kumar is a member of various national and international associations.

  • American association of clinical endocrinologists
  • Reasearch society for study of diabetes in India
  • Delhi diabetes forum
  • Association of physicians of India
  • Indian medical association

  • M.B.B.S. from Maulana Azad Medical College in 1999
  • M.D. from Lady Hardinge Medical College in 2003
  • CDC from John Hopkins University and Joslin clinic

  • One year internship from Lok Nayak Hospital and associated Guru Nanak Eye Centre.(01-01-1999 to 31-12-1999).
  • Three years post graduation in the dept. of medicine, Lady Hardinge Medical College and associated Shrimati Sucheta Kriplani Hospital.(22-05-2000 to 30-04-2003).
  • Three years senior resident in the dept. of medicine, Shrimati Sucheta Kriplani Hospital.(19-05- 2003 to 18-05-2006).
  • Worked at Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research in the department of endocrinology as consultant(may 2006 to june 2013).Actively involved in patient care with state of the art techniques like insulin pumps,continous glucose monitoring system(CGMS),training of doctors and diabetes educators,conducting research and paper publications.
  • Worked with Project HOPE(USA based NGO) as faculty mentor for India Diabetes Educator training.
  • Presently running endocrinology clinic in gurgaon and dwarka dealing with patients of diabetes,thyroid disorders,growth abnormalities,obesity etc.

  • Poster paper–Cardiovascular status in asymptomatic elderly:A population based study.JAPI 2003. APICON 2003.BHU,Varanasi.
  • Poster paper A study of prevalence of risk factors for coronary artery diseases in asymptomatic elderly. APICON 2003.BHU,Varanasi.
  • Poster paper-Acute pancreatitis as the initial manifestation of hereditary spherocytosis.Diamond APICON 2005.
  • Platform presentation-Outcomes of structured care in patients with diabetes. 5 th winter symposium,Endocrinology,Diabetes and Metabolism,CMC Vellore.11-13 th Jan.Vellore.
  • Presentation on ‘cost of Diabetes in DEDICOM survey’. 3 rd Annual Conference of Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI)- Delhi chapter. 22- 23 Dec, 2007, Delhi
  • Original article-A study of prevalence of risk factors for coronary artery diseases in asymptomatic middle aged and elderly subjects;JK Sciences.2005;7(2):84-86.
  • Original article-Direct cost of ambulatory care of type 2 diabets in the middle and high income group populace of Delhi:The DEDICOM survey;JAPI.2008;56:667-674.
  • Original article-The Development of ‘Quality of Life Instrument for Indian Diabetes Patients (QOLID) : A Validation and Reliability Study in Middle and Higher Income Groups;JAPI.2010;58:295-304.
  • Case report-Isolated tuberculous thyroiditis;JIACM 2003;4(3):238-239.
  • Case report-Gilles De la Tourette’s Syndrome: A case series of 14 patients from India. Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology.2005;8:49-52.
  • Case report- HEMPAS negative Congenital Dyserythropoietic Anemia in a woman presenting with anemia and splenomegaly;JIACM 2007;8(4):337-338.
  • Abstract-Acute pancreatitis as the initial manifestation of hereditary spherocytosis.JAPI 2005;53:393.
  • Abstract –Cardiovascular status in asymptomatic elderly:A population based study.JAPI 2003.
  • Abstract-A study of prevalence of risk factors for coronary artery diseases in asymptomatic elderly.JAPI 2003.

  • Panel of Specialists

    Services Available

    • Diabetes Care
      The most important aspect of diabetes care is the time devoted to each patient.This can range from 30 minutes to 45 minutes as each and every problems a patient of diabetes is facing are noted.
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    • Thyroid Care
      The emphasis is on careful history, and detailed examination related to thyroid diseases.Proper and comprehensive investigations are done for each patients according to the needs .
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    • Period Problems
      There are some hormonal reasons for menstrual irregularities besides gynaecological diseases. Though females usually first seek gynaecologist doctor but if these problems are due to
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    • Transgender Health These issues(we don’t say disease or disorder) are very sensitive and we are proud that we deal with such individual very professionally.After clearance from psychologist a very individualised See More...

    • Excessive Hair Growth In Females
      There are many causes of hirsuitism in females. These are due to genetic, medicine side effects and hormonal imbalances.
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    • Obesity Management
      Obesity is not considered as a disease in our society but medically it is one of the root cause of diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases and certain cancers.
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    • Children Dentistry
      At HFMC most important aspect before starting any child dental treatment is behaviour management with repot building. This removes their fear of .
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    • Root Canal Treatment Root canal treatment is the removal of the infected soft tissue within the tooth and its replacement by an artificial inert ‘filling’ material. This procedure basically See More

    • Cosmetic Dentistry
      At HFMC most important aspect before starting any child dental treatment is behaviour management with repot building. This removes their fear of .
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    • Dental Implants
      Dental implants are metal posts or frames that are surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath your gums. Once in place, they allow your dentist to .
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    Facilities Available

    • ECG

    • Insulin Pumps

    • Nebulisation

    • Weight Loss Program

    • All Vaccinations

    • Day Care Facility

    • Biothesiometry
      (Diabetes Foot Testing)

    • Continuous Glucose Monitoring Sensor ( CGMS)