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    We at Health First Multispeciality Clinic strive to provide world class complete health care by highly competent doctors under one roof.The clinic has all the facilities like multispeciality consultations,dental care and procedures,days care,laboratory tests and medicines at economical prices.The ambience of the clinic is patient friendly and gives a homely feeling.It is located in the heart of Dwarka subcity on main road near metro station with convenient parking space.

Panel of Specialists

  • Myths about diabetes:

    Once started insulin can not be stopped- This is not always true. insulin can be stopped.There are many patients of diabetes and thyroid center whose insulin was stopped with proper guidance.Insulin is not some drug of abuse that one becomes addicted to it.It is a hormone needed by the body to use blood glucose.

    Insulin causes kidney failure/damage- Very frequently patients and their relatives blames insulin for diabetes related complications like renal failure,loss of eye site or even heart attacks.These are not because of Insulin.such complications occur due to uncontrolled blood glucose levels for many years and patients try to avoid insulin when oral medicines for diabetes fails to work.

    Eating excessive sugars cause diabetes – There are various risk factors for diabetes- family history of diabetes,obesity,sedentary lifestyle.These risk factors along with excessive calorie intake will predispose.

  • FAQs

    Can my Insulin be stopped sometimes persons with diabetes stop their medications and experiment with herbal,ayuvedic medicines on their own.If patient wants to start with alternate systems of medicines it has to be under supervision of a qualified doctor.

    Sugars are high even with diabetes medicines- This can be due to wrong timings of medications ,inadequate dose of medicines,consuming high glycemic index food,sedentary lifestyle and infections.

    Inspite of insulin why sugars are high- This could be due to inaccurate technique of insulin administration.There are many people of diabetes who does not know How to administer insulin.We at diabetes and thyroid center focus on diabetes education.Also another reason of high sugars despite taking insulin is the underdose of insulin,poor compliance with dietary modifications or co existing infection.

Services Available

  • Diabetes Care
    The most important aspect of diabetes care is the time devoted to each patient.This can range from 30 minutes to 45 minutes as each and every problems a patient of diabetes is facing are noted.
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  • Thyroid Care
    The emphasis is on careful history, and detailed examination related to thyroid diseases.Proper and comprehensive investigations are done for each patients according to the needs .
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  • Period Problems
    There are some hormonal reasons for menstrual irregularities besides gynaecological diseases. Though females usually first seek gynaecologist doctor but if these problems are due to
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  • Transgender Health These issues(we don’t say disease or disorder) are very sensitive and we are proud that we deal with such individual very professionally.After clearance from psychologist a very individualised See More...

  • Excessive Hair Growth In Females
    There are many causes of hirsuitism in females. These are due to genetic, medicine side effects and hormonal imbalances.
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  • Obesity Management
    Obesity is not considered as a disease in our society but medically it is one of the root cause of diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases and certain cancers.
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  • Children Dentistry
    At HFMC most important aspect before starting any child dental treatment is behaviour management with repot building. This removes their fear of .
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  • Root Canal Treatment Root canal treatment is the removal of the infected soft tissue within the tooth and its replacement by an artificial inert ‘filling’ material. This procedure basically See More

  • Cosmetic Dentistry
    At HFMC most important aspect before starting any child dental treatment is behaviour management with repot building. This removes their fear of .
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  • Dental Implants
    Dental implants are metal posts or frames that are surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath your gums. Once in place, they allow your dentist to .
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Facilities Available

  • ECG

  • Insulin Pumps

  • Nebulisation

  • Weight Loss Program

  • All Vaccinations

  • Day Care Facility

  • Biothesiometry
    (Diabetes Foot Testing)

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring Sensor ( CGMS)